Toilet Sink Vanity Unit

Toilet Sink Vanity Unit An Unique Thought For Bathroom

Do you want to have the latest model of a bathroom where you can find a toilet sink vanity unit together? It is a modern concept, and at present, people have an interest in installing the unit in their bathroom to give it a modern look. We know, now you have a lot of questions in your mind about it, don’t you? Well, to learn all the information about such kind of bathroom, just read the article carefully. Here, you can get all the answers to your questions.

Toilet Sink Vanity Unit Frequently Asked Question 

There are some answers to common questions about the toilet, sink and vanity unit.   

What Are Toilet, Sink And Vanity Unit?

Vanity UnitToilet, sink and vanity unit is a combination of a toilet, sink and vanity together. In this case, the toilet, sink and vanity will be placed in one place. The Vanity will have space to hold a sink and the toilet will be fixed in front of the vanity.

Vanity means a preserved area that is used for keeping some particular things. It is known as the furniture of a bathroom. It is like a dressing table with a huge mirror. In the combo unit, the vanity plays the role of a storage area and holds a sink. In addition, the sink pipe is connected with the toilet cistern. Thus, we will connect them.

Normally in our old-fashioned bathroom, there has found only a sink and a toilet separately. But in a modern bathroom, we found toilet, sink and vanity together. Moreover, the unit works together and provides us a special service with a lot of profits even in a small place.

Why Is It Essential For You?

 Bathroom is regarded as an important part of a house from a very old time. The concept of the bathroom first comes from 3000 B.C. The full illustration of a bathroom comes from the early 20th century.  Ancient people also used the bathroom. So, it is a significant part of our life. It reflects our individuality and mindset.

In this modern age, we have to live in an urban area. But there, almost all the house is small and people live there in a crowding way. Even then, we have a desire to make our house stylish and fashionable. So, to create our small cloakroom more and more gorgeous and neoteric, the combo unit plays a vital role.

But, you have a small bathroom, or you don’t have enough space to install toilet, sink or basin and vanity apart. In this way, you can easily fix them jointly in a tiny place. You don’t need to waste a single inch of your house.

Vanity is used for keeping hygiene products, toiletries, towels, cosmetics, medicine, charger, light, etc. So, if you want to keep some necessary things, then you can establish a vanity in your bathroom. So we can say it is essential for you.

There is also an extra reason for you to install it. You can install the combo in a crowded place and your house if you live in a joint family. If you install two sinks on a double vanity, then people can easily wash their hands and don’t need to scuffle.

Which Type Of Bathroom Is Suitable For The Toilet Sink Vanity Unit?  

There are two kinds of bathrooms. They are small and large bathroom. Both of them are suitable for the unit. You can also establish the unit as both a single flush toilet and a dual flush toilet.

You often have a question that though it is a large unit, then is it worth for a small toilet? We undoubtedly can say that yes, it can be situated in every kind of toilet and also small toilets. But in a large toilet, the system looks great.

How Many Kinds Of This Unit Have In Market?

 Directly, there has no type of combination in the market. You can install single flush or dual flush system in this toilet. On the other side, there are six types of vanity in the market. They are given below.

  • Pedestal Vanity
  • Free Standing Vanity
  • Floating Vanity
  • Vessel Vanity
  • Under Floating Sink
  • Vanity Cabinet

You can use one of them. It totally depends on your space, cost and maintenance.

How Can You Install The Whole Process In Your Bathroom By Yourself?  

It is a simple process. You should just follow them to install the toilet, sink and vanity together in your bathroom.

Measure Your Space

At first, measure your bathroom area. You should buy a product which is right according to proportion. That’s why it is very important.

Purchase Your Suited Product

After measuring, now you have to buy your product. There are a lot of model, designs around the market. Choose one according to your wish. Just make sure that both the sink and toilet are made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Also, be ensured that your vanity is waterproof and the height of it is suitable for you. Normally, a bathroom vanity is 36 inches tall. But if you have kids in your house, then you can buy a small vanity for the kid’s bathroom or keep a tool for them to reach the sink.

Choose A Space For The Unit

Now, you have to choose a place in your bathroom to install the unit. It will be a wise decision if you choose a space which is not for the use or looks nasty. By installing it there, you can give this ugly place a gorgeous look.

Base Toilet, Sink And Vanity

It is time for basing the toilet, sink and vanity. The sink will be on the top of the vanity. Vanity will be situated under the sink or above the toilet, or beside the toilet. Just fix it according to your advantages.

Join Toilet Pipe With Toilet Drain

Now, you need to join the toilet pipe with a toilet drain. Fix it carefully. Otherwise, dirt will come back through the pipe.

Link Sink Pipe With Toilet Cistern

Diligently connect sink pipe with toilet cistern. After that, join the sink’s faucet with the water pipeline of your house. In these two steps, you need a hose and screwdriver. After installation, both toilet and sink look like a toilet sink combo.

Test Your Procedure

Now, test your process. Start the water stream. Watch the whole system carefully, whether it is correct or not.

How Does This Unit Work?

 The unit works as three in one. While cleaning your hands, the dirty water flows into the sink pipe due to gravity power and gathers in the cistern. Then, when you flush, you can reuse the dirty water.

Now we are talking about vanity. Vanity works as storage. You can keep your important things in your vanity. A normal vanity has two or three cabinets. Nowadays, bathroom cabinets come with different kinds of features like Bluetooth audio, shaver sockets, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of It?

The process has a lot of profits. Now, we are going to tell them. Read the profits which are going to be enjoyed by you after fixing it.

Land Saver

It is a land saver project. You can install it in a very small place. By installing it, you don’t need to waste a single inch of your space.

Cost Saver

It is a cost saver product. You can reduce your water bill by establishing the unit.

Increase Charm

The system can increase your bathroom’s good looks. Wherever you feel that place of your bathroom doesn’t enhance your bathroom’s beauty, you can install it there. Thus, it can become your bathroom more gorgeous.

Environment Friendly 

The process is an environmentally friendly process. You can save water by using it. It can prevent the waste of water. Thus, it plays a vital role in our environment.

Serve As A Holder

In the procedure, the vanity serves as a holder of a lot of small things that you want to keep in your bathroom area. It is a storage and has two or three cabinets or cells. They work as a holder.

Family Friendly     

It is a family-friendly product. If you have many people in your house and feel a crowd in front of the toilet every morning, then you can easily install a double vanity system. In this system, a double sink is situated on the vanities. Thus, you feel comfortable every morning. In this case, you need a bit of space more.

Final Words

At present, we are living in a modern era. Modernism has become a fashion. Therefore, we always want to add a stylish thing to our lifestyle. Toilet sink vanity unit is an esthetical thought where you can fulfill all your requirements of the bathroom and also can give it a modern look.         

Toilet And Sink In One

Toilet And Sink In One Get Easy Solution Here

Toilet and sink in one is a process of fixing toilet and sink unitedly. For the time being, it gets popularity among townie. If you want to learn the whole method, you can go through the article. Here you can find everything about it.

Toilet And Sink In One All Features


The Toilet and sink in one is a program. It has a lot of characteristics. Now, we are going to tell you all about it. In addition, you can learn whether it is for you or not.


In one way, fixing of toilet and sink jointly is a type of bathroom which is regarded as one of the best well-known design nowadays. However, the process means that toilet and sink place unitedly, and they work together in a decent way.

As usual, toilet and sink situate separately in our bathroom. But in this case, they won’t be separate. The two will work as one.

Nowadays, it has become familiar among householders. It appears almost all the house in the urban area. You can save money, water, space etc. through fixing it.

First Invention 

The concept of this toilet was first found from Japanese about 60 years ago. They gave us a primary concept of it. After that, other countries received the thought and built the toilet by adding some more creative concepts.

Toilet Sink Mechanism
Toilet Sink Mechanism


Deductively, the sink is placed in the top of the toilet. It is connected with a toilet cistern. The Cistern works as usual it does. Just a little difference is that the sink is attached to the cistern.

After washing your hand, grimy water gathers in the cistern because of gravitation force. When it is fulfilled by water, water flowing automatically stops or cisterns’ lid close the jaws of it.

For this reason, there has no chance to go back the grimy water to sink again. Then, whenever you flush your toilet, you have the opportunity to use messy water in place of using fresh water.

It is a simple mechanism. In this way, toilet and sink works together in the bathroom. It is compatible for both single and double flush toilet.

Single Flush Toilet

Single flush toilet means that it has a single flushing system. In this system, a user has to use the same amount of water for both aqueous and ticklish wastage.

If you install a toilet and sink together with a single flushing system, the flushing system will be the same. Dirty water which is in cistern will be used for flushing.

Double Flush Toilet 
Double Flush Toilet

Double Flush Toilet     

Double flush toilet has double flushing system. The cistern has two buttons. Different amount of water are used for flushing.

The Cistern has two sides. One side is for little water and the other side is for much water. A Small amount of water is used for aqueous wastage and a large amount of water is used for hard wastage.

If you place the toilet and sink jointly with a double flushing system, dirty water can be gathered in the cistern where a small amount of water is remained. Thus, a user can use messy water for aqueous wastage flushing.

Our Suggestion 

You can install here both single and double flushing system. But, we will suggest you to install a double flushing system.

After cleaning your hand, in a single flushing system, there will be a small amount of water in the cistern. It won’t be sufficient for cleaning hard wastage. To start water flowing again, you will have to bow down to the sink in front of the toilet bowl and will feel awkward.

On the other hand, there is already a part of cistern where remains a large amount of water in double flushing system. You can use it and don’t need to be to worry about water flowing.

Its Importance

In modern times, we all have to live in an urban area where almost all the house is small or the space for the bathroom is very tiny. For this reason, we have to use a toilet and sink combo so that we can install them in a small place easily.

Procedure Of Setting 

It is a very simple process. The instructions are written almost on all parcel. You can follow them or the way given below.

  1. At first, stop water flowing.
  2. Connect sink with cistern through screw and screwdriver.
  3. Check whether water can flow into cistern.
  • After that, add faucet of sink with the main water supply line.
  • On the other hand, add toilet pipe with toilet drain. For instance, you should use a hose and screwdriver.

Now, you can check the whole process by supplying water. If it is okay then approve it or hire a plumber for it.

During flushing, water can scatter everywhere of the toilet. It can spread germs and may cause disease of us. In this case, you can close the lid of the toilet bowl so that your toilet become safe and germ free.

Its Profit   
Its Profit

Its Profit   

This system has a lot of profits. That’s why, it is popular among people. They are keen to establish it in their washroom.

Now, we are describing the profits below.

Save Place

You can fix it in a tiny space. If you have a small vacant space which is unfit for usage, you can install this type of bathroom there. It doesn’t misuse your valuable space. Thus, you can save place.

Save Natural Asset

Our moral duty is to protect our natural asset as much as we can. It is a project by which we can save a natural asset.

Water is an important resource of our environment. We can reuse water through using the process.

Shorten Cost

This project can reduce your bill. When you use a low amount of water, then the water bill normally comes down. Thus, you can save much money than before.

Facile To Install 

Installation of toilet and sink unitedly is very easy. You have no need to hire a plumber for fixing it. By following some rules you can install it by yourself.

Simple Cleaning System   

The cleaning system of this type of toilet is very simple. Since, toilet and sink is together, when you wash the sink automatically the dirty water can wash the toilet.

Keep Bathroom Hygienic
Keep Bathroom Hygienic

Keep Bathroom Hygienic

It is a process of reusing water. Whenever, the tank or cistern is fulfilled by handwashing water, its lid close the jaws.

There are some sinks in the market and here the faucet will automatically supply water. You need not touch the faucet of the sink and can easily wash your hands.

That’s why, there has no chance to go back to dirty water and spread germ in the bathroom. Thus, it keeps the bathroom healthy and hygienic.

Automatic Process

It is an automatic process. You have no need to supply any power line to mobilize the procedure. On account of gravity force, hand cleaning water easily flows into the cistern, and then we use it for flushing.

Grow Awareness

This process can rise our awareness for handwashing. It is very important for our health to clean our hand after every use of toilet.

Some people specially kids sometimes forget to wash their hands. As the sink is together with the toilet, it reminds them to clean their hands.

Where You Can Use 

We can use that kind of toilet in shop, market, restaurant, camp, jail and different kinds of vehicle including plan, train etc. It is also used in a tiny house where a tiny space is allocated for a bathroom.

Available Design  

There are available design and colour in market. You can find here a design where the sink is not over rather it is situated beside the toilet.

In this case, you don’t have to bow down in front of the toilet bowl during cleaning hands. But, you need a little of space more to install it.

At last, if you live in a small house then toilet and sink in one is a perfect project for your house. You can easily install it. It also can increase house beauty. So, our suggestion is to install it immediately.               

Toilet Sink Blocked

Toilet Sink Blocked? Here's what to do!

Toilet sinks can be one of the most space-saving and economical additions to your bathroom. Be it your home or office, installing this nifty appliance will help you save water and minimize your utility bills too. But one of the most pathetic situations will arise when you find your toilet sink blocked.

The mechanism behind toilet sinks is quite fragile, to be honest. And it’s not very uncommon for the internal plumbing to clog up every once in a while. Although the incident may put you in a sticky situation and mess up your mood at the start of a day, there is actually no way of avoiding it.

Luckily, there are some easy fixes that you can try yourself to solve the issue of toilet sink blocked.

In this article, we bring some of the easiest and simplest DIY solutions that you can implement by yourself. You don’t need that many exclusive tools or equipment either.

Just follow through with our step-by-step guide, where we will demonstrate the procedure. Hopefully, the toilet sink blocked issue will be resolved sooner than you can imagine.

Toilet Sink Blocked
Toilet Sink Blocked

Why it happens

Toilet sink blocked issues are relatively common, especially in households with children and women. Some of the most common culprits behind clogging up the plumbing inside the appliance are hair, toothpaste, soap scum, thick shampoo residuals, grooming chemicals, and so on.

These materials simply deposit inside the plumbing and block the drain in the sink or toilet to create a clog.

In most cases, it’s the drainage outlet of the sink on top of the appliance that is clogged.

The plumbing inside the toilet or cistern can sometimes get jammed too. But that is a sporadic case.

In the most extreme conditions, the clog can be entirely impenetrable. Then you’ll need to opt for expert assistance from a professional plumber definitely.

But most of the time, some simple hacks and manoeuvres will hopefully resolve the situation.

How to Identify if the toilet sink blocked

Identify if the toilet sink blocked
Identify if the toilet sink blocked

Clogs that block the toilet sink can actually build up over time. You might not even realize that you’re in for a world of trouble right now as gunk deposits are slowing piling up inside the drains. Letting it slowly build up can lead to a catastrophic plumbing desire one morning when you wake up.

So it’s best to keep your toilet sink in check. Based on expert plumbing advice, there are some clear signs that you can monitor to identify the problem before it gets out of hand. Here are a few symptoms:

  • Water pooling around the drainage outlet
  • Slow clearing of wastewater
  • A foul stench from Toilet sink or toilet
  • Visual gunk or clog inside the drain

What to do when the toilet sink blocked?

Like we said earlier that the most effective solutions are the simplest. None of them are abrasive or use any toxic chemicals that might harm your skin (except Caustic Soda). But before attempting any of these techniques at home, we suggest you read through the entire article at least once and gather all the tools and equipment you’ll need.

Most of the fixes in this article are aimed at clearing up the clog in the sink drain. However, they are all tried and tested to work just as effectively for the clogs in the toilet drains and cisterns.

Boil water in a kettle or pot
Boil water in a kettle or pot

Boiling Water

This is, by far, the simplest and easiest fix to the problem. It surprisingly works for 90% of cases if you can identify the problem in its preliminary stages.

  • Boil water in a kettle or pot.
  • Slowly pour it down the clogged drain to clear out tepid water or soap scum.
  • Repeat it three or four times until you see the drainage flow returning to normal

Baking Soda with Vinegar & Salt

  1. Take equal portions of vinegar and baking soda in a small cup.
  2. Stir it nicely with a stick until it creates a fizzy appearance on the top
  3. Add salt to the mixture as an external additive to strengthen.
  4. Pour the fizzy solution over the drain and leave it overnight.
  5. The fizzing action will create an aggressive chemical reaction and clear out the gunk.
  6. Simply flush tap water over the drain in the morning to clean up the pipeline.

Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)

Precaution: Wear rubber gloves and goggles before attempting this solution. Sodium Hydroxide is highly reactive when it reacts with water and can burn your skin if handled without care.

  • Mix cold water with caustic soda in equal portions
  • Stir it nicely with a wooden spatula until it creates a fizzy appearance on the top
  • Please handle it with care as it will also be producing enough heat that it might burn your hands.
  • Pour the fizzy solution over the drain and leave it for half an hour.
  • The fizzing action will create an aggressive chemical reaction and clear out the gunk.
  • Carefully pour boiling water over the drain to clean up the pipeline.
Wet Vacuuming
Wet Vacuuming

Wet Vacuuming

This fix is more of an expensive option and can’t be done with cheap hardware lying around the house. You’ll need a shop vacuum to attempt it.

  • Set the shop vacuum settings to wet.
  • Cover the outlet vent with tape or plastic.
  • Seal the drain with a tight cover so that the vacuum can exert maximum suction pressure.
  • Max up the power settings on the vacuum
  • This should clear out and potential gunk or blockage.

Using a Wire Hanger

Just like professional snake guns used by plumbers, you can remodel a simple wire hanger to fish out any physical guck or hair residue that might cause a toilet sink blocked. Although it’s a creative technique, it’s somewhat useful nonetheless.

However, we’ve left this method for the last because it’s quite risky. Without proper guidance, you might actually mess up the internal plumbing and damage it beyond repair. So leave this method as a last resort when all other processes have failed.

  • Turn off the water supply to your toilet sink.
  • Remove the stopper by pressing the spring clip attached to the pivot rod and the clevis strap.
  • Wash the stopper under running water in another sink or submerge it in a bowl of clean water
  • Use rubbing alcohol or bleach to get rid of all dirt and debris.
  • Fashion the wire hanger into a shape like a fishing hook or back scratcher and bend it to fit inside the internal pipes
  • Lower the hook through the pipeline until the blockage obstructs you.
  • Twist and pivot the wire as much as you can to attach the most gunk to the hook
  • Pull up the wire and clean it out.
  • Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary. Use a toothbrush for additional help in cleaning.
  • Reassemble the stopper after you’re satisfied with the outcome
  • Run some hot water down the drain to clear out any residual gunk.

For further assistance, you can refer to this video.

Bottom Line

That wraps it up. All these methods are home-grown and found adequate in solving the problem of toilet sink blocked. We suggest trying them out one by one down the list, and hopefully, you’ll be out of your sticky situation very soon.

However, if these methods fail to solve your problem, we would definitely recommend opting for professional help. Call a local plumber or find someone who will take a look at the situation at a reasonable price. There are plenty of options out there, and you can find one that suits your requirements.

Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed

Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed

Gurgling sink when toilet flushed

A toilet is the most useable place in every house. Not only it serves our purpose also saves us from being sick from diseases. Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed
So, cleanliness is necessary for health. As any guest come to your home and wish to use the toilet.
A dirty bathroom presents a worse impression on people. Also, if the toiletries are not operating correctly, later no one can use them.

One of the common problems of the toilet is the gurgling sink when the toilet is flushed. Gurgling is the most irritating problem too. Though it can’t let you feel embarrassed in front of people and eliminates bad smell, you must fix this gurgling issue.

Signs of Blocked Drains
Signs of Blocked Drains

Signs of Blocked Drains:

One of the common issue in the home is clogged drain. Sometime is cause the slow draining showers or bathtubs. The signs of blocked drains given below-

Gurgling Sounds:

Gurgling sounds occur for poor venting. When traps of the plumbing method are not vented accurately, a negative pressure of the air arises. The negative pressure creates a vacuum. Then the gurgling sounds of the sink happens.

Slow draining:

One of the signs of blocked drains if your sink, bath, or shower emptying abnormally slow. Solve this problem as soon as possible, hence it will typically increase.

 Bad Smells:

If hair and debris fall, they will block the pipes. As time passes they begin to decompose and spread funky odour through the air.

water level higherin sink
Water level higher in sink

Changes in flush:

When the toilet is flushed, a blocked drain may raise the water level higher.
What Are the Causes of a Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed?
When you flush your toilet, water needs to leave. But it cannot flow properly by the air, and the gurgling of the sink begins.
For getting a flexible exit, every toilet must have a venting system. The proper venting fixture will help to drain water through the roof.
If your toilet sinks start gurgling when the toilet is flushed, it means water is getting clogged in the P-trap. You should solve the problem as soon as possible to prevent the funky smell of sewer gases.
The causes of the gurgling sink when toilet flushed given below-

Shower Drain P-Trap:

A gurgling drain may be caused by a shower drain, while it does not have a p-trap. The p-trap prevents the bad smell from sewage gases into your bathroom.

Drain Waste Vent Systems:

Drains of the toilets can form a closed system. When you hear gurgling, it means that the vents are blocked. If you don’t clear the vents, the air suction through pipes can empty the P- trap and causes funky smells in your house.

Clearing Vents:

Blocked roof venting is a common problem caused by debris, leaves, or sticks. Sometimes, debris falls and remains blocked in the bend. Clear the debris to solve the problem. Water spray is the only way to clean the venting. If the technique cannot solve the problem, hire a professional.

Tree Roots:

Sometimes, tree roots spread their roots through breaking pipes in search of water. It may cause blockage in the bend.

block the drain Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes Block the drain

Wet Wipes:

Manufacturers say wet wipes flushable. They don’t remain attached in the drains. But it’s a lie!
Wet wipes, toilet paper, sanitary accessories, and nappies may attach to the vent pipes. They block the drain and cause a gurgling sink.
Why Does Gurgling Sink May Consider as a Serious Issue?
A blocked plumbing system can be prevented if you consider the gurgling sink when the toilet flushed problem seriously. If you keep using the blockage toilet paper, and rust will enlarge the clog.

When a complete blockage makes the issue worse, you can use a plunger, auger before the problem becomes worse. The materials are available in local hardware stores.
An electric sewer snake can destroy your whole plumbing fixtures while you can not use the sewer snake accurately. You can use vinegar and hot water as a use a homemade cleaning solution.

How to Solve The Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed?
The gurgling sink may increase if you don’t get a solution for it. Lacking venting pipes creates water blockages. The gurgling will be produced when water passes through the P-trap pipes.
Here are some solutions to the problem:
You need to buy the following materials to fix the gurgling sink-

  1. Plunger
  2. Pliers
  3. Garden hose
  4. Sewer auger
  5. Valve for air-admittance
  6. Ladder
Plunge Your Toilet
Plunge Your Toilet

Step 1: Plunge Your Toilet

Plunging is the quickest process to fix the gurgling sink. In this process, close the sink drain with tape. Then plunge your toilet.
First, close the sink drain, cover the overflow tubes with duct tape and plunge the toilet. A partial blockage in the toilet waste pipe can force air through the sink drain, and plunging may remove the blockage.

Covering the sink drain keeps the force of the plunger in the vent pipes.
After plunging, open the drain and flush your toilet. If the sink still gurgles, start plunging your toilet again.

Step 2: Clear Venting System

Vent opening may be blocked often for some reasons. While you hear gurgling, climb on the roof and check the vent opening. Leaves, debris, a stick may block the vent opening. Clear the venting bend, and if it has a screen, clear the screen too.
You need to clear the venting system to stop the gurgling problem. You can clean the blocked vents by using a garden hose.

 Step 3: Clearing vent with garden hose

A garden hose can clear out the debris of the venting pipe. Just spray water with a garden hose, and it will clear your blocked venting opening.
Water backing up from the vent is a clear sign of blockage. It gives you a reminder that you have to find another way. A sewer auger may help to get rid of this.

Step 4: Sewer auger: Gurgling Sink When Toilet Flushed

First, put the sewer auger into the vent opening. Unwind the auger until you feel resistance from the blockage.
Once you feel the resistance, crank the handle and keep pulling the auger out. It will help to clear all debris out.

When you feel you cleared the blockage, spray more water in the vent and check the water flow.
If water does not come back out, it means there is no debris left in the bend. You finally solve your gurgling sink problem.

Step 5: Replacing a valve

If none of the above ways can work, unscrew the cheater valve beneath the toilet sink and replace it with a new one.

Step 6: Using chemical solutions

If you’ve failed to prevent gurgling, use a chemical solution. It’s an easy way to remove clogged vents.
Simply pour a chemical solution in the drain and see the magic. This solution removes the blockage a few times.

Step 7: Pour boiling water:

In winter, blockage happens because of the frost. The vents may freeze, and air cannot flow properly causes gurgling sinks.
You can pour boiling water through the vent pipe and fix the gurgling problem.

Final Verdict:

Finally, Proper knowledge about the bathroom plumbing system is essential for solving gurgling sink problems. Gurgling sink, shower, or toilet all happen because of the improper venting system. When you hear the gurgling noise, solve this problem quickly.
In this article, we enlighten you about the gurgling sink when the toilet is flushed and the ways of fixing it.

toilet sink shower combo

Stylish Toilet Sink Shower Combo 

Who does not want a stylish toilet that also has a sink shower combo? Well, everyone who is minimum aware of the outlook of their toilet cherishes this. Your toilet is not something in your private place. This place is a reflection of your personality and choices. 

Well, everything you purchase, use and optimize reflects your choice and taste. So these things are needed to be chosen very carefully and consciously. Not everyone possesses a classy choice or a heavy wallet, but surely want to own a stylish and good-looking house as well as a toilet. Now let’s have a spacious review on how the toilet sink shower combo can be stylish and cozy!

Why is the toilet sink shower combo needed?

toilet sink shower
Toilet sink shower

New era always deserves some new design and new concepts. Earlier, there were spacious toilets for everyday use. Also then, members of a house were also larger than now.

With the development of industry and technology, families have become nuclear and members have been lessened. For this, families need smaller space and smaller accessories.

Nowadays designers want to make their inventions minimal and environment friendly. So they offer something fold able or smaller. That is the exact point for using a toilet sink shower combo.

There are many flats in which living members are merely more than a couple. So, they do not need a spacious toilet or toilet accessories. 

Also, there are some facts that you need to keep in mind. Like, you should use less water to prevent wastage. You need to fix all your things in a smaller place. Besides, you need to drop a mark of your classy choice.

Keeping all these in mind, designers have given attention to the toilet sink shower combo designing. 

Also, an environment friendly product!

We all know that water is life, life is water! Anything we eat, we utilize, we drink; requires a good amount of water. As we use water this much, the possibility of wasting water also increases exponentially. A statistic shows that an average family can waste 180 gallons per week, that is 9400 gallons per year. And this is really alarming. 

Our world is suffering from the scarcity of pure water badly. Also in this situation if we waste water at this rate; soon we will have to repent very badly. Our toilet sink shower combo is something that is helpful in this regard. The used water from the sink is preserved in a tank. When you are taking a shower, you use the previously used water from the tank if you want. All you need to do is to tell your plumber to drain the sink pipe into the shower one. 

This is really an amazing product for those who are aware and conscious about the water wastage and want to reduce this from their own house. One can really reuse and save liters of water only by using this small trick. So, if you are an environment lover, what are you waiting for? Grab this! 

Sink shower combo designs 
Sink shower combo designs

Sink shower combo designs 

A Toilet sink shower combo is an ideal one for those who have to fit them into a small toilet space. Nowadays our apartments have become smaller and the space has been lessened to fit more people in a small place. As the space has been reduced, all the designs need to be edited to fit into them and sink shower combo is one of them. Let’s have a look at some stylish sink shower combo designs-

The Shower basin by Rock:

This one is designed specially to fit into your smaller toilet. Sometimes, there are only two or three people in the family, so they do not need a large toilet space. This one is ideal for them. It has been designed to give your toilet a smart and stylish look with space-efficient features.

This two in one combo comes with a shower in the higher position and a sink in the middle. Usually the sink is pedestrian or just covered up with square space. In the upper case, one shower is fixed. This usually comes with the material of stainless steel, but you can customize it with your own designer. 

Toilet LIFT mechanism
Toilet LIFT mechanism

The LIFT mechanism:

This particular one comes with a very interesting and elegant design. In one straight vertical line, the channel is installed. On the same line, a  sliding option comes with the line.

This one lets the pipe of the shower and sink to slide up and down. Basically, the shower and the sink are combined in one thing and there is a switch to make them sliding. 

The combined sink and shower is situated at the middle point, exactly where a sink is installed. So, when someone is there to use a sink, he/she can use it without any further effort.

But when one needs to take a shower, he/she is needed to slide up the combined sink and shower and then need to switch it on. Basically this is the mechanism which is called LIFT.

This one is really smart and anyone can use this in their small bathroom without a second thought. 

Types and materials for sink shower combo 

When you are using a sink shower combo, you always have to mind some detailed information on your mind. The drainage system needs to be perfect and defect free if you want to experience a guilt free and happy toilet. Also, you need to pick your things according to the size and shape of your toilet. The needs of a rectangular shaped toilet are always different from the needs of a square shaped toilet. So, when you are buying things for your toilet, keep these things in mind.

stainless steel sink
Stainless steel sink

Keep in mind 

Always try to buy premium quality products. Let that be a tap or a sink, always meet the quality. This ensures the durable toilet experience. Whenever you are trying to install a sink shower combo, firstly try to discuss with your designer. He/she will be the one to tell you the exact advice as per your toilet needs. If your toilet needs some stainless steel sink, then don’t make a combo with a ceramic sink and stainless steel shower. That is a threat to your toilet outlook and also not durable at all.

Again, when your designer suggests you buy both them ceramic, do not mix them up. Go for a single type and single material so that your bathroom is minimal and stylish at the same time. Mixing materials and types may reduce your cost, but trust me in the long run your toilet is not going to be durable and stylish.


A toilet sink shower combo is a perfect choice for a small toilet. If your toilet is smaller, and you need a stylish and less costly set up, then nothing is more compatible than s toilet sink shower combo. There are plenty of designs and your designer is always there to make your desire fulfilled. So, take a breath and consult a good one to make your smaller toilet more stylish and elegant with a sink shower combo. It will also give you some mental peace to share with your daily life! 

Smart And Minimal Toilet Sink Designs

Toilet sink is one of the most prominent things anyone firstly notices at your bathroom. It is the focal point for every washroom. The taste of the owners of a house is reflected through the utensils and furniture of the house. When it is about aristocracy and tastefulness, you are bound to give some extra attention to your bathroom sink. As it is used more than other bathroom fittings, you need to be very careful about choosing it. Here I am going to explain how to toilet sink design.

Your mind should have a blend of taste and practical sense of usage while buying a sink for your bathroom. Modern days have also changed the theory of choosing a sink. Before people used to choose heavier and gorgeous designed sinks, we can learn them through the ancient books and pictures. In new times, people are more interested to buy something smart and minimal.

Designs of new era 

Most people now choose smart and minimal designs for home decoration than heavy and complicated ones. The reason behind this is people now have to fit themselves in a tiny space to live in, and they are left with no choice than choosing a minimal one! Let’s have a look at some minimal and smart sink designs that go exactly the right choice for your dream bathroom. 

Different types of toilet sink design

Different types of toilet sink design
Different types of toilet sink design

New era deserves new designs, let that be fashion or furniture. Every modern and aristocrat person cherishes a bathroom which is cosy and smart at the same time. Designers also prefer to go with smart and selective designs than heavy ones. Here you will find some cosy and smart toilet sink designs- 

1.  Drop in sinks

Drop in sinks are also known as ‘Self Rimming Sinks’. They are mostly installed on the counter top These sinks have a rolled rim, and it sits above the counter top.

These are simple to install and remove because you do not need to change the counter top often. Also, it is good for styling your toilet with different materials as it goes with anything you want.

This easy to install sink is up to the mark to cherish your desire for a smart and cosy bathroom. 

2.  Pedestal Sinks 

These sinks are free standing and also supported by a small column like thing that is installed beneath the sink. These types of sink are somewhere old and require smaller space than other sinks.

As it is installed on its pedestrian thing, the storage space is easily resolved. These types of sinks can be removed and re-install easily. These are one of most used toilet sinks

3. Under mount Sinks 

These types of sinks are installed from below a solid surface counter top. Mostly these counter tops are made of marble, granite or concrete. These sinks are customized, that means the hole that is cut onto the counter top can be smaller or bigger than per the owner’s opinion.

But this is not always good, this customization can make installing or removing these types of sink challenging and these  can also be broken if the plumber is not that careful.

Toilet Vessel Sinks 
Toilet Vessel Sinks

4. Toilet Vessel Sinks 

These are on top of vanity! Nowadays people are more attracted to this one as it perfectly reflects the aristocrat taste of the owner and also matches with any type of smart toilets.

The vessel is also stylish and goes with any type of people’s choice! The vessel sink sits on the top of a vanity counter. Mostly it is above counter installation. That means it is attached to the counter top.

Sometimes this type of sink can be installed partially in the counter top (recessed installation). This sink can come with various materials, and it also adds to the advantages. Glass, marble, stone, ceramic and much more can make a vessel sink perfect addition to your toilet.

5. Console Sinks

These sinks require a lot of space and hold a rack for things too. It is well-mounted and sits on the above of two or four legs. The wires and somewhere seen and the counter top is almost absent here. These types of sink hold a more cohesive look and are not very easy to remove or install.

6. Wall Hung Sinks 

It can be declared the most widely used sink over the world. As it takes very less effort to install or remove, it is on the top of the list. Also, this kind of sink is much available in nearby stores.

These sinks are installed just opposite to the wall and this design helps to preserve the floor space in smaller toilets. These sinks hold almost no counter top or vanity. Sometimes the plumbing drainage and supply lines are also visible.

If the owner is not comfortable with this, an extra arm can be added with the wall to put these things covered. Also, a towel bar can be included for more comfort and ease in everyday usage. 

Vanity Bathroom Tops 
Vanity Bathroom Tops

7. Vanity Bathroom Tops 

These sinks require much space and obviously without a spacious toilet this can not be installed. This type of sink comes built in with a counter top. The Advantage is you can choose your materials from a good amount of options like granite, marble, tile, wood or any other surfaces.

This sink does not offer you a base built in, but if you want one, you can definitely purchase an extra one. Also, you have a generous space to put your accessories. The flat space is one inch higher than the sink, and it provides a good flow for the products to prevent themselves from being wet.

But for these types of sinks, you need to be extra careful while choosing the material as it is going to be the focal point of your spacious toilet. 

Toilet Sink Materials 

Nowadays materials for toilet sink are generous, and they are offered with reasonable prices so that no buyer is disappointed with mismatching. Before you install a sink, you need to keep in mind some conditions like 

-how durable the material is

-does it goes with the style of your toilet 

-is it taking too much space 

Toilet Sink Materials 
Toilet Sink Materials

-are you comfortable with this for next few years. 

If all these questions are answered happily than the material and sink is up to the mark of your choice! 

Stone, ceramic are some old-fashioned materials. Modern times have also provided metal, granite, glass materials too. All these materials are choice worthy and contain no harm for your long usage. 

But obviously keep a close eye when you are choosing a material considering the environment of your toilet and the texture, colour you have used. These small details can be a game changer to your sink choosing.


Your toilet reflects your choice and taste to a greater extent. People who visit the place will always have an assumption about you like when they visit your drawing room. So, when you are buying a sink, you need to keep some facts in your mind.

Choose the material very consciously as it will impact your next decisions. If you doubt your experience or choice in buying these, do not hesitate to consult your interior designer. You should choose your sink design according to the space of your bathroom.

If your bathroom is not that spacious, do not go for the vanity bathroom tops. Always remember, your products reflect your personality and aristocracy.  toilet sink design toilet sink design toilet sink design

vent a toilet sink and shower

How to vent a toilet sink and shower?

Suppose you had a long day, just reached home, and went to shower. But you found your bathroom too nasty to stand. So, you decided to wash them all with a splash of water and maybe some bathroom cleaning accessories. In this article you learn about How to vent a toilet sink and shower?

toilet sink and shower
Toilet sink and shower

You finished your shower and now waiting to absorb the water by the drain function in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, all the wastages are stuck over the drain, and water cannot pass. As a result, your bathroom will remain unclean and not preferable to use.

You definitely cannot let that happen. Then hire a professional plumber to fix it. Then he told you the solution that is venting the bathroom drainage system.

If you vent it, water can smoothly pass through the drain without being barricaded by unnecessary stuff.

If you want to do it by yourself, you should know about installing process of venting.

In this article, we will give you vast knowledge about “how to vent a toilet sink and shower. The toilet sink combo is getting more fashionable among the smart people. Day by day it increasing it modern functionalities.

So, smart people can take this advantage of venting toilet sink and shower system to their bathroom.


Venting is essential for plumbing fixtures in the bathroom. Proper ventilation helps to lead a healthy life. The importance of venting a toilet sink and shower given below-

  • Shower steams add moisture to the bathroom. Proper ventilation can remove the moisture level that helps to find fresh air.
  • After a shower, the humidity level will increase. The high humidity increases bathroom temperature and makes you feel hot. Ventilation can lower humidity and help you to feel comfortable.
  • It minimizes harmful bacterial growth in a toilet.
  • Ventilation also reduces condensation on Windows, walls, and mirrors.
  • It helps in waste and water draining from a shower, sink, and toilet into the sewer system.
  • The bathroom plumbing system may not work without proper ventilation.
  • If you don’t vent your bathroom, wastewater will flow down from the drains and leads to a funky odour.


The toilet drain pipes drop into the sewer
The toilet drain pipes drop into the sewer

The toilet drain pipes drop into the sewer to create the suction of emptying the bowl.

The pipe bends at 90 degrees with a ¼ inch per foot slope towards the sewer.

You can fit a closet bend that can save space.

A plumber should maintain the size of the vent. The minimum size must be 2 inches.

Always try to place the vent size according to the local code.

Alert about this matter

A minimum drain size for a toilet is 3 inches.

You should not install a p-trap for your toilet.

For standers p-trap 2-4 inch is the reasonable.

6 inch p-trap distance. Some free diagrams.


The location of the sink drain determines the drain trap. Shower and sink traps should be share at a 1.5″ distance.

  • P-trap is required when drains exit through the wall.
  • S-trap is required when drains exit through the floor.

Drains need venting because, without venting, an airlock occurs in a sealed drain.

If you want to put the sink in a new spot, installing a traditional vent is necessary. It will help to prevent airlocks in the sink and shower drain.
The toilet and sink must be 3″ and 1.5″ orderly. The sink and toilet should share a 2″ vent area.

The commode drain is larger than the sink and shower drain. The sink and shower drain should drop into the main drain.


A bathroom sink can vent by some steps. The steps are-

  1. A bathroom sink has a full S-trap. The tube may use to convey liquid using a siphon and release sewer gas.
  2. Before starting any work, a plumber should turn off the water supply.
  3. Then shifts the old drain pipe.
  4. Replace the old tap also.
  5. Seal the faucet baseplate.
  6. Install the new tap according to the given instructions.
  7. Between the faucet and valves, add a supply tube.
  8. Dry fitting PVC drain pipe requires a P-trap.
  9. An air emittance valve adds in the cabinet below the bathroom sink.
  10. Finally, glue all PVC pieces for the drain.

how to vent a shwer
How to vent a sewer


Steam from the shower, running sinks can increase humidity and create mould problems. Another problem arises when you use the aerosol sprays in the bathroom. Without a ventilation system, there is no escape from the aerosol spray odour. It may create health problems. Wallpaper start peeling, and steams have a worse effect on laminating plywood vanities.

Toilet shower venting can solve these problems. So, bathroom shower venting is a must.
The venting process of a shower area given below-

It’s an easy process. To vent a shower, install a fan in the shower ceiling. The size and quantity of the ventilating fans depend on the size of the bathroom.
The ventilation process works through a duct on the roof.

Ventilation considerations:

A ventilation fan can move air through fifty or twenty cubic feet per minute. The fan can circulate 80 cubic feet of air per minute in a large bathroom. This bathroom needs two fans.

In most bathrooms, a ventilation fan requires one CFM per square foot of floor space.

Duct specifications:

You should make a route to the terminating duct inside. Always use a metal duct outside your home.

If duct pipes have placed in a bend, every bend will resist the fan to circulate air properly. So, the user should install a straight duct pipe. Straight duct pipes can move the required amount of air.

Cloth duct tape causes time degradation. In that case, use metal foil tape to seal the duct.

A plumber should place the duct horizontally and makes a terminating route through a wall or soffit.

The vent of the shower should remove with a vent cap. It helps to prevent small insects from entering from outside.

Toilet vent fan.jpg
Toilet vent fan

Electrical specifications:

If there is no window in the bathroom, it needs a vent fan. The fan circulates air and odour and vents them outside.

For venting a toilet shower, the fan may keep on after finishing for twenty minutes. The user can place the fan with a wire. This process is useful than the traditional wall switch.

There are many types of fans, from which you can choose for venting your shower area. They are-

  • Simple box fans that may be installed in the ceiling.
  • Some fans are made with a combination of fan and light fixtures.
  • Fans with the combination of lights and heater fixtures. Wall mount fans that may install without any duct.
  • A new switch has invented called the humidistat switch. This switch automatically switches on the fan with the increased humidity and will switch off automatically when left.
  • Many fans feature a light fixture. The fan circuit has controlled by a ground fault interrupting breaker.
  • Some fans come with bells and whistles.

When installing a vent fan, you should consider the right place. The best places for installing a venting fan is nearly in the tub or shower. If you install the fan near the air conditioning or heating vent, it will disrupt the humid absorption process.

Cleaning process of fan:

Clean the venting fan to improve ventilation per year. Dust and Grimes blocks air circulation. How to vent a toilet sink and shower?


In overall summary, we can say venting is essential for keeping comfort in your home. However, it requires costly plumbing repairs. To avoid unexpected hazards, you should hire a professional plumber who knows how to vent a toilet sink and shower. They will fix the problems and install the vents in the required places, which will make your home safe and sound.

Get the most suitable toilet sink combo for your bathroom today!

Toilet Sink Combo - Save water the easy way!

One of the core issues that the current world is facing today is water resource management. Unknowingly, we’re wasting away gallons of water for the cause of luxury and comfort. Getting the most out of water consumption is something that we should all be concerned about. And that is precisely where a Toilet Sink Combo comes in!

In this article, we talk you through some of the most intriguing facts about this nifty bathroom instalment. We also focus on how this sleek appliance can help you save water while still not compromising the slightest personal hygiene. Let’s get right to it!
Toilet Sink Combo
Toilet Sink Combo

What is a Toilet Sink Combo? 

The basic setup of a toilet sink combo is relatively simple. It’s merely a small faucet placed along with a sink or bowl over the toilet’s flush tank. There are some variants of this design as well. But the basic structure and setup remain the same.
The toilet portion is mostly the same as any regular toilet bowl. It has a large cauldron for the user to sit on and a lid to cover it when not in use. The mechanism and placement of the flush tank are quite the same as well. The only difference lies in the water supply.
A toilet sink stores the water that you use while washing your hands. So, when you pull the flush lever,  grey water is recycled. It is used again to clean away the remnants in the toilet bowl instead of seemingly fresh water.

The Story Behind the Invention

The core idea of a toilet sink combo mostly intrigues homeowners struggling with space. It’s also popular among people concerned with the conservation of water resources. So, it’s no surprise that this innovative idea of combining a sink with a toilet came from the Japanese people’s space-conscious minds!
The hard-working and environmentally-vigilant people of Japan are always coming up with fresh and new ideas. Most of the ideas are to sustain the environment and make our lives easier. The toilet sink is just another effort to do that on their part.
According to some sources, the idea originated over some sixty years ago. But it has now quickly spread throughout the world as a modern and trendy approach to environmental awareness. Especially in densely populated countries struggling with space-constraints in the urban areas, it is a practical solution. The toilet sink combo has become a revolutionary concept for homeowners and city-dwellers alike.
Toilet Sink Combo Help Save Water
Toilet Sink Combo Help Save Water

How does a Toilet Sink Combo Help Save Water?

In a typical bathroom setup, you let the gray water from washing your hands go down the drain. The same is the case for flushing the toilet. In both cases, you use freshwater for washing purposes.
In a toilet sink, when you use the sink for handwashing, the gray water from there is used to fill up the toilet bowl’s cistern instead of freshwater. The sink’s outlet is connected to the inlet of the flush tank, and thus it fills up over time.
Typically, a single flush takes a few gallons of water. Using freshwater for this seemingly trivial task is entirely unnecessary. Instead, using gray water from the sink is much more practical. If you have a toilet sink combo installed in your bathroom, you will be flushing your toilet using the water drained from washing your hands. Thus, you will seemingly be saving gallons of freshwater.
In this current situation of environmental crisis, water is a precious resource. Every drop of freshwater matters. Instead of washing away gallons of fresh water with each flush, install a toilet sink combo today. Do your part for the environment by recycling water.
And while you’re at it, using the nifty appliance means that you consume less water on the whole. So, less utility bills for you too! 
Toilet Sink Combo in Japan
Toilet Sink Combo in Japan

The Perfect Blend of Style & Economy

Since the inception of a Toilet Sink Combo in Japan, there have been various renditions of the design. But one thing has remained certain – to make the most out of the water economy while still not compromising the style factor.
The standard variant is to have a sink positioned directly over the flush tank and connect the sink outlet with the tank inlet. This will create a hybrid toilet sink combo that is minimalistic, practical, and functional.
But if you want to bring in slight extravagance, you might realize that this setup is not the most comfortable variant to use. Having to slouch over the toilet bowl to wash your hands on the sink is not the most convenient position you can be in. Unless the sink is directly accessible to you after you’re done using the toilet bowl, it can put you in a rather tricky situation.
So, in some variants, manufacturers tend to design the sink combo in such a way that the sink can be detached from the flush tank. This allows you to set up the sink at a more convenient position, like the bathroom counter. However, do keep in mind to connect the sink outlet to the flush tank inlet. Otherwise, the whole purpose of a toilet sink combo will go in vain!
To keep the style factor intact, you can hide the plumbing within the bathroom cupboards or behind the walls. This will let you create a continuous and cohesive design while still being eco-friendly to the maximum
toilet FAQs
Toilet FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the water in a toilet sink combo hygienic to use?

Contrary to popular belief, a toilet combo is just as hygienic and safe to use as a regular sink.
The water you get from the faucet is basically the same tap water you would be getting from a traditional sink.
It’s only the recycled gray water in the flush tank that might slightly concern you.
But there is no possibility of you touching or using the water from the flush tank to wash your hands. So, you can rest assured of sanitation and hygiene.
Additionally, the float-ball mechanism in the flush tank makes sure that gray water does not overflow.
The whole process is automated, and refilling stops once the water reaches up to a certain level in the cistern. Always keep your toilet combination safe and neat and clean. This stylish toilet sink combo make your home gorgeous and look great. Its make your house completely hygienic free.
Where can I buy a toilet sink combo
Where can I buy a toilet sink combo

Where can I buy a toilet sink combo?

Toilet sink combos are fairly popular nowadays. You can find a model at any standard bathroom appliance store in your town.
Alternatively, as the more economically aware shopper would do, you can choose to shop online.
Just head over to Toilet Sink, where you will find the latest deals on the most modern and stylish bathroom fittings.
Browse the catalogue and find the best toilet sink combo for your home or office today!